One off Training Program


This option is perfect for those who have a training or sport specific goal in mind, such as increasing power and speed or improving strength or endurance.


Often these training systems are misunderstood and poorly used in training. We develop programs that are are heavily backed by research and will drastically improve the skill desired. 


An email consultation is conducted in order to complete the designed program. This will include an analysis of current and past exercise history, along with a thorough examination of your individual goals.


You wil receive a custom designed and detailed 7-day training program. To accompany this, you will receive exercise and technique instructions ensuring you get the results you want!

Periodised Training Program 
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Periodisation is a tool employed by trainers to structure programs and training over long periods of time. It is not simply changing a clients exercises every 4 weeks, rather there are many complex programming variables that need to be taken into consideration. 


This package requires an email consultation in order to evaluate the intended exercise goal or competition, including specific details and information in relation to the individual and the sport/goal.


Typically this type of program design will cover a 6-8 month period. People who periodise their training often achieve a 5-15% increase in performance compared to if they were following an unstructured long-term program.


Upon conducting our thorough consultation, you will receive an individualised and tailored weekly periodisation plan which covers all aspects of training to build up and improve performance to achieve the desired outcome over the required duration.

If you're looking for a program that encompasses both training and nutrition, The Body Composition package may be perfect for you.


BodyWell Institute offer custom resistance training programs for optimal body recomposition. These programs are for anyone who is seeking a program for weight loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, sports specific or if they simply want to be the best they can be! We tailor all our programs to your specific requirements and teach you how to execute your training program for optimal results. 



Training Programs 

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