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Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Enrolment Information

Successful applicants will be notified by email. All required course materials are forwarded to your nominated address. If course materials are returned to BodyWell Institute due to an error in the nominated address, the student will incur an additional fee to have the materials resent. 


Certificates and Academic Transcripts

Certificates and academic transcripts will be forwarded to all students upon successful completion of the course.

Replacement certificates are available at the cost of $15 (inclusive), as are text books at a cost of $60. 



Course fees are outlined in the course description. Course fees are inclusive of all course materials, resources, assessments, examinations, any bonus materials included in course and GST. Failure to submit course fees with your enrolment may result in the delay or eventual cancellation of your place in the course. In common with other educational institutions, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless BodyWell Institute cancels the course

(withdrawals from the course are discussed below).


Overseas students – Post, handling, taxation

Depending on the region your parcel must go to, you will be required to add a postage fee (contact administration if you are unsure). Parcels are sent registered post or insured post or Express Courier depending on the options available for your region. You will be forwarded a tracking number. Please ensure you are aware of any charges you may incur such as VAT or customs for purchasing educational materials from overseas, or ‘storage’ fees should your parcel be held at the post office if you were not home at the time of delivery. BodyWell Institute takes no responsibility for fees you may incur within your country of residence.


Methods of payment

Enrolment fees may be paid by direct bank transfer or credit card via PayPal. Course material will be forwarded on receipt of payment and acceptance into your course.


Refunds, refusals and withdrawal
If for any reason students choose to withdraw from their studies, they must advise BodyWell Institute in writing within 14 days of receiving course materials. Provided all course materials are returned in their original condition, students will receive a credit for course fees paid less a $150 AUD (inclusive) administration fee. Please choose your course carefully as after the above time period, we regret that no further application for credit or transfer of course fees can be accepted.  All refunds/transfers are at the discretion of BodyWell Institute. All refunds will be processed within a 21-day period.

Course cancellations and changes
BodyWell Institute reserves the right to cancel a course, or refuse any enrolment as permitted by law. BodyWell Institute reserves the right to adjust fees, vary course requirements or course schedules at any time as deemed necessary.

Changes to course fees
We work hard to keep our courses accessible to all and price rises are fairly infrequent. However, from time to time it is necessary to alter our course fees. Our website is the definitive price where you may find pricing may not have been altered in other material.

Extensions, deferments and course duration limits

There is no deferment policy for distance learning modules owing to the structure and short-term nature of the courses. Students are required to complete their selected course within a six calendar month period (from enrolment date) unless otherwise stated on the website course information guide. Students requiring more time than six months may apply via email for an extension of their due date, but will not be entitled to any refund rights should their course be cancelled after six months from their date of enrolment. It is BodyWell Institute’s policy to encourage as many learners as possible to successfully complete their course. Provided the course enrolled to has not been cancelled, students are encouraged to complete their course, regardless of the amount of time lapsed.            


Re-sit exams - distance students undertaking written exam

Re-sit exams are offered to students who for whatever reasons are not deemed competent in their first assessment attempt. An administration fee of $30 (inclusive of GST) is payable prior to the re-sit being conducted. BodyWell Institute will advise students requiring re-sits of further details at the time. In the case of a fail grade you can re-sit a supplementary test (up to three times).


Certification and academic transcripts

Certificates and academic transcripts will be forwarded to all students upon successful completion of their selected course. Replacement certificates are available at the cost of $15 (inclusive).

Students and members should conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting the information provided, and the ethics and principles of the course.  Students should also not pass on any passwords or other materials under copyright laws. BodyWell Institute reserves the right to refuse entry into any of our courses or to cancel a student’s enrolment where a student has acted inappropriately or in a manner deemed to be damaging of the BodyWell Institute brand.

Refusal of a position in the course is at the discretion of the admissions department should the student not meet the requirements set out. 

Students and members may be suspended or dismissed from the course according to the gravity of the following circumstances; improper conduct, using the materials in an unlawful manner, or inadequate progression (failure to complete the course of study within 12 months of enrolment)


Course materials, copyright and Intellectual Property

The course materials which BodyWell Institute provides to you shall become your property. However, the content of the course materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of BodyWell Institute. You may not reproduce any part of the course materials without the prior written consent of BodyWell Institute.  

Complaints must be in writing and directed to BodyWell Institute. All complaints are lodged formally and considered by our complaints panel. One of our staff will contact any complainants within three working days of receipt of the complaint.  

Assessment grievances - students
Under our quality assurance policy, if you have a grievance regarding the grading process, appeals must be made in writing to BodyWell Institute within 14 days of grades being returned. To have your assessment re-marked by a different assessor there may be a fee and this mark (be it increased or decreased) will be taken as your final grade.

How we assure your grading consistency
Your assessment is graded by a qualified trainer who holds qualifications at a post-graduate level, and government approved training and assessment qualifications. Once graded your paper is passed to another assessor who then reviews the document to check that your assessment has been graded consistently and fairly. Finally, your assessment results are returned to you via email advising you that your results are ready.

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