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Sports Supplementation for Fitness Professionals (Level 1)

COURSE PRESENTERS: Dane Ivicevic, Dr Chris McLellan


This advanced supplementation workshop explores an extensive range of food derived supplements used within the health and strength and conditioning industry and the best available evidence for their efficacy, safety and dosage protocols for users. This course will enable you to effectively implement and manage supplementation strategies for clients with a range of different goals as well as being able to breakdown product claims and ingredients in order to determine suitability for clients and athletes.


Prior to attending this one-day intensive workshop, you will receive an online webinar recapping nutrition and introducing supplementation. This will ensure you start the workshop with foundation knowledge of common terms and nutritional concepts required to examine and determine the quality and efficacy of supplements explored in this course. 


  • Protein Supplements plus product sweeteners - learn what form of protein is best for; training, meal replacement, controlling appetite hormones, and maximising MPS! You will also learn about the most common sweeteners and flavors used in protein supplement with a detail look at the safety and suitability of each to enable informed decisions to be made at point of sale.

  • Carbohydrate Supplementation - learn how carbohydrate supplementation can manipulate the body's anabolic drive post training and optimise nutrient delivery for fast and effective recovery. You'll also learn about the most appropriate selection of supplementation for strength, endurance and bodybuilding athletes.


  • Lipid Supplements - find out what the research says about how lipid supplements impact health and exercise performance based. 


  • Other food supplements, such as those containing colostrum and bromelain and how their use can optimize recovery and strength and conditioning. An in-depth look on how the immune system responds to both of these compounds will be explored to enable a clear understanding of their immunological influences on recovery.


  • Nutrient Timing and Sports Supplements - we explore how its application can manipulate the body’s hormonal response to exercise, synergistic interactions with other nutrients and how these all help maximise performance and results.This topic is poorly misunderstood within the fitness industry! 

  • Risks and Limitations to Supplementation - Learn more about the presence of contaminants and illegal substances, nutrient-drug interactions and unique individual variability. This module will provide the skills and strategies to minimize supplementation risks and how to overcome common limitations to its use. It will explore how products make it onto the shelf and what separates the quality and transparency of one supplement/brand to another.

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