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Cert III & IV FItness*

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Yes (at no extra cost)

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Modules (short answer, multiple choice questions), Final Exam 

Qualification Level

BWI Professional Certificate


Self-paced over 6 months

Course Structure: SUP001 Sports Supplementation Course Online

Contents in Brief

Module 1     Introductory Nutrition and Supplementation

Module 2     Lipid Supplements

Module 3     Protein Supplements

Module 4     Carbohydrate Supplementation

Module 5     Supplementation and Effective Hydration

Module 6     Nutrient Timing and Sports Supplements

Module 7     Food Supplements and Strength

Module 8     Risks and Limitations to Supplementation

Module 9     Allied Health and Supplementation

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Certificate of Sports Supplementation 

Delivery Method


The Certificate of Sports Supplementation course covers a magnitude of important nutritional information, all backed by the strongest and most up-to-date scientific evidence. This course presents a comprehensive introduction to the science behind the right nutrition and dietary supplementation and will give you practical information to help you optimise your client's performance through nutrition and supplementation!




You will learn:

  • Foundations of Human Nutrition, including in-depth knowledge on macronutrients and how they relate to exercise, energy production from food and post exercise recovery

  • Evidence-based and non-biased information on some of the main sports supplements used today

  • Research dosage protocols and applications

  • Real word, practical applications to the health and fitness industry



Our comprehensive learning resources include:

  • High quality printed supplementation resource manual (hard-copy)

  • Video resources, learning activities and case studies

  • Professional commentary from Australian and International athletes



This course is self-paced and online, meaning there's no need to attend lectures or exams! Upon completion of the course you will receive a professional certificate and transcript detailing the competencies covered. Read the full course outline below. 








Course Fee

$399 per person ~ includes all course materials

Course payments paid in advance of course date.

Limited places available ~ spots secured only with confirmed course payment 


Payment can be made via Paypal or Direct Credit into our account. Enrol online today!





Become a Supplementation Specialist!


At last a course on Evidence-Based Supplementation!


Maximise your client's results!


Flexible Online Learning


32 hours of study



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