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BWI Professional Diploma


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Become a Certified Advanced Dietary

Supplements Advisor 


This professional diploma is for those who currently work in the health and fitness industry where the provision of expert advice and guidance on sport and exercise supplementation is required. This course combines the most relevant, evidence-based research and industry specific experience to provide a range of skills to enhance supplementation consulting skills to provide the best and most reliable evidence-based information to consumers and clients.



You will learn


  • Foundations to nutritional science to enable fast and effective learning of food and food supplements

  • Evidence-based information on sport and exercise supplements which includes;

    • Food derived supplements

    • Amino acid supplements

    • Thermogenic and weight loss supplements

    • Herbal supplements only when they apply to sport and exercise

  • Expert consultative skills to enable effective customer/client communication

  • Practical strategies to improve supplementation advice and guidance



This course will enable you to provide factual, reliable and safe advice and guidance on a range of sport and exercise supplements whilst ensuring those at risk of adverse health outcomes are recognised and referred to a suitable health specialist.


You will be eligible for professional recognition throughout BodyWell Institute and IICT as an Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor. All registered BWI graduates are listed on our professional listings page.









Course Fee

$799 per person ~ includes all course materials

Course payments paid in advance of course date.

Limited places available ~ spots secured only with confirmed course payment 


Payment can be made via Paypal or Direct Credit into our account. Enrol online today!



Professional Diploma in Dietary Supplementation 

Course Structure: DDS001 Professional Diploma in Dietary Supplementation


Module 1: Introductory Nutrition and Supplementation

You will learn the foundations to food nutrients, nutrition and supplementation and how these can impact not only performance but body composition change. This module provides you with the foundations to effectively learn food derived supplements and make connections regarding their efficacy.


Module 2: Lipid Supplements

Here you will learn how lipid supplements impact health and exercise performance based on good quality research. Supplements covered include fish oil, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, glycerol and much more.


Module 3: Protein Supplements and Colostrum

This module covers evidence-based information on more than 10 common types of protein supplements. By the end of this module you will be able to identify which form of protein is best used around training, as a meal replacement, to control appetite hormones and maximise protein synthesis. Both animal and vegetarian sources of protein supplements are covered with expensive high level research materials provided in addition to your course manual.


Module 4: Carbohydrate and Hydration Supplementation

This module will enable you to understand how carbohydrate supplementation can manipulate the body's anabolic drive post-training and optimise nutrient delivery for fast and effective recovery. Over five different types of carbohydrate supplements are covered with strategies provided to assist in the appropriate selection of supplementation for strength, endurance and bodybuilding athletes. This module also covers common hydration supplements used in endurance events and how to provide the best advice on improving performance through electrolyte based supplements.


Module 5: Amino Acid Structure and Function

This module introduces the basic biochemistry behind amino acids and how they are all different from one another. This will provide the building blocks to the course and enable you to easily identify amino acid subtypes and their physiological effects.


Module 6: Brain Support and Nootropics

Within this module you will learn about nutraceutical supplements, which are responsible for enhancing one or more aspects of mental function and neurological health. This is perfect for those who have always wondered what supplements can be used to enhance mental focus, reduce the risk of neurological disease and enhance working memory under stress.


Module 7: Amino Acids and Exercise Physiology

This module explores how amino acids can exert a profound effect on the human body during exercise with a specific focus on strength and conditioning. You will learn strategies to help you identify when specific amino acids and food supplements can enhance physical conditioning and how they can be applied within a supplementation program. Additionally, this module explores the difference between essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and how they can be used to effectively enhance physiology around exercise.


Module 8: Hormonal Support and Optimization

Within this module you will learn how amino acid compounds can manipulate hormones and optimise fat loss or muscle gain. You will also learn specific protocols to effectively optimise hormones and why the majority of supplements taken are either wrong or taken incorrectly. Hormones explored within this module are catecholamine’s, growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin, testosterone and cortisol.


Module 9: Digestive Function and Supplementation

This module teaches you what compounds can boost gastrointestinal function and immunity and how they can be effectively applied within your practice. A range of clinical problems are explored here as well as their applications and relevance to exercising individuals.


Module 10: Fatigue and Metabolic Acidosis

Here you will learn the toxic effects of metabolic acidosis and how this metabolic response can significantly impact performance and induce fatigue. This module explores strategies to combat fatigue and shift metabolism to favour prolonged and enhanced performance. Additionally, this module will explore the fine balance between cellular pH balance and what supplements favour optimal metabolic balance to enhance performance.


Module 11: Tissue Support and Recovery

You will explore a range of nutritional compound’s and amino acids, which are involved in tissue repair and support. Here you will gain skills to effectively distinguish between the efficacy of supplements used to support joint health, tendon repair and reduce inflammation.


Module 12: Immune Support

This module covers basic concepts in immunology and how nutritional medicine can regulate and alter immune function. This module focuses on how these principles apply to exercising individuals and elite athletes whilst exploring supplementation protocols used to support immune function.


Module 13: Thermogenics and Weight Loss Supplements

This module will explore the foundations of fat loss supplements and their efficacy for fat loss. You will lean a range of common fat loss ingredients from herbs to amino acids to thermogenic agents. Combination of ingredients will also be covered as this reflects the majority of the weight loss supplement market.


Module 14: Supplementation in Practice

This module explores the concept of nutrient timing and how its application can manipulate the body’s hormonal response to exercise, synergistic interactions with other nutrients and how these all help maximise performance and results. Answers to the industry’s most common questions will be answered here such as; when is the most optimal time to consume nutrition around training? What is the post workout window? What are the best nutrients to take before, during and after training and what does the research support? In addition, this module will also cover the applications of nutrient timing, how to design effective supplementation programs for individuals of different training experience as well as exploring supplement combinations used in research.


Module 15: Nutrient - Drug Interactions

This module explores the complex interactions that supplementation can have with commonly prescribed medicines and herbs. You will learn how to identify which supplements interact with other medicines and what risks are associated with their use. 


Module 16: Professional Practice of Supplementation  

This module will provide the skills and strategies to minimize supplementation risks and how to overcome common limitations to its use. It will explore how products make it onto the shelf and what separates the quality and transparency of one supplement/brand to another. You will also learn about common allied health professionals and when a situation permits referral to remain within your scope of practice.



Bonus material

Consultancy supplement guide: Easy to follow, A-Z list of supplements learnt for easy access to provide expert supplementation advice and guidance.

Abdominal discomfort Guide: This guide provides strategies to dealing with customers/ clients who experience abdominal discomfort from a product.

Referral Template: An easy to complete, professional referral template for the supplementation consultant.

Consultant flow chart: This chart enables a CSSC to assist a customer/client in making the right supplementation choices based on their specific needs and requirements.

Food allergies and sensitivities: This bonus module covers common nutrients involved in allergic reactions and intolerances. You will learn how allergens or food compounds can impact health and lead to a variety of physiological and immunological problems long term.


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