Integrative Medicine Plan
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For anyone seeking to improve immunity (due to frequent infections or intestinal upset), cholesterol and heart health, hormonal imbalances, fatigue or to simply improve overall general well being, our managing director Dane Ivicevic, an integrative medicine specialist utilises a combination of nutritional and complimentary and alternative medicine in order to take a multi-facet approach to improving your health.


The package includes:


  • A comprehensive analysis and dietary assessment of current nutritional habits and lifestyle trends, whilst identifying deficiencies, toxicities and health risks.

  • You will receive a tailored program to improve your health and wellness according to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. 

  • This will include a report detailing concerns based on the analysis along with a treatment plan and recommendations. Where appropriate, this will include information on specific nutritional or nutraceutical products used to rectify the concerns. 

  • This package also includes associated recipes and tonics as required.




Nutrition & Wellness Plans 


Just like our training programs, we provide evidence-based nutrition and wellness plans which are completely individualised and tailored to suit your specific goals, requirements and lifestyle. Below we have a range of plans to help you on your way to being the best version of you! You're welcome to contact us if you're unsure which plan is best suited to you.

One off Custom Nutrition Plan


This plan is suitable for someone with a goal of weight loss, basic healthy eating or as an introduction to other types of sport-specific goals. An email consultation is required. You will receive a custom diet according to your individual goals, requiements and lifestyle. This plan is recommended for a duration of at least 4-6 weeks.

Body Composition Package


This comprehensive package combines both training and nutrition which is crucial in order to have the best chance at reaching your goal!

After a thorough consultation covering current and past nutritional intake, a comprehensive analysis and dietary assessment of current nutritional habits, deficiencies, toxicities and any health risks will be undertaken. 

Following this, you will receive your customised nutritional program, including a variety of meal options and recipes, an individualised and detailed pre- and post-workout nutrition plan to maximise your anabolic drive and reduce muscle protein breakdown, and an individualised 7 day training program including fat burning hybrid sessions

Our body composition programs consists of various methods aimed at manipulating and restoring hormonal profiles and are designed to suppress appetite hormones and associated cravings. In addition, fat burning hormones are stimulated through a variety of methods including boosting and re-wiring your metabolic function!


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