So many people complete their nutrition or personal training course but just don't feel confident they have the practical skills to be successful in this every-growing and expanding industry. This is partly due to many educational institutions not actually teaching you the stuff you really want (and need) to know! It can be easy to get confused by the mass of conflicting information available online and through word of mouth. Unfortunately however, not all trainers are created equal! What distinguishes the elite in this industry is the acquisition of specialised knowledge which enables one to alter body composition effectively and sustainably by putting evidence-based theory into practice. BodyWell Institute has a range of certificate and advanced certificate courses on offer to help you do just that! Our courses are based on scientifically validated information and resources, giving you the cutting edge to become a leader in the industry and really make a difference to people's lives!



Who are our courses suitable for?


  • Sports medicine doctors/physicians

  • General Practitioners

  • Sports Scientists

  • Naturopaths & Nutritionists

  • Exercise Physiologists

  • Strength & Conditioning coaches

  • Personal Trainers












Why are our courses important?


Currently there are no government supported qualifications that focus on this information. You could say there has been an educational hole created where topics such as supplementation, body composition, immunology and endocrinology just simply don't it into any course. Therefore, the vocational education sector has left it up to the universities to further educate professionals in these areas. However, one might study nutrition and never learn how the other components come into play to achieve results and manage health. It’s when we collect and acquire evidence-based knowledge across all facets involved in body composition change and well-being that we begin to see the widespread shortfalls that are present in the industry. If a personal trainer or nutritionist cannot effectively change body composition then who else will? If the connection between endocrinology, immunology and body composition isn’t something that the medical sector won’t focus on then how can it ever be understood? Our courses are designed to fill those gaps, and provide professionals with the specialised skills and knowledge to be able to manage body composition and well-being with the confidence of evidence-based strategies.




Evidence-based, practical courses.

Get on board today and kick-start your career!

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