Qualification Level

Professional Diploma (L4 EQF)



One quiz and one end of unit Exam

National & International Recognition

Yes, through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapist


A Certified Fitness Scientist


A FSA Accredited Fitness Scientist specialises in applying scientific principles and techniques to improve health, wellbeing and fitness, either at an individual level or within the context of a team or organisational environment.  

They may also apply their knowledge and skills to relevant projects within the health and fitness industry, for corporate bodies or in the community. At all times, the FSA Accredited Fitness Scientist makes the wellbeing of the individual, the team and other service users their primary concern by providing the utmost duty of care and never recommending the use of any substance or practice that might knowingly cause harm to the service user. The scope of practice of the FSA Accredited Fitness Scientist is delineated as follows:



Professional outcomes


The Fitness Science Specialist accreditation will enable you to apply knowledge and practical experience in health and fitness science across all levels of recreational, amateur, semi-professional training clients and environments.

Possible career opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Group and Personal Fitness Instructor with commercial and or corporate training facilities

  • Strength, Power, Fitness and Conditioning Instructor with commercial and or corporate training facilities and sports teams.

  • Group Fitness and Personal Trainer registration enabling graduates to be self-employed, or work within the commercial and or corporate training sectors

  • Health and Fitness Professional for professional commercial and community health orientated organisations

  • Corporate and community health and fitness consultant

  • Health promotion/ lifestyle consultant




Progressing through the course

This course is self-paced with the exception of practical workshops which are spread over a minimum of 18 weeks. Undertaking this course requires a mandatory attendance of six (6) practical and face to face workshops run over a minimum of 3 weekends. Workshop dates will be listed on the website and provided upon enrolment with flexibility in dates and location provided around Australia




The Diploma of Fitness Science program is designed to develop specialist knowledge and skills relating to the development and delivery of health and fitness, strength and conditioning and individualised training and rehabilitation regimes for non-clinical populations.

The program is suitable for Certificate IV in Fitness and Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science graduates aspiring for a career in health and fitness, or for established professionals such as domestic and international strength and conditioning coaches, or high-performance managers seeking professional development and diversification of skills.

This unique program places a strong emphasis on comprehensive practical experience and industry immersion, including 40-hour industry practicum. Completed via the delivery of three (3) face to face intensive weekend workshops that include specialist on-campus coursework and practical activities and the completion of ASCA level 1 strength and conditioning certification.  

FSA001 Diploma of Fitness Science 

Course code



420 hours  over minimum 18 weeks, max 18 months

Delivery Method

Online/Correspondance & F2F workshops


Cert IV Fitness or B.Ex Sci

Course Structure: FSA001 Diploma of Fitness Science Online

Contents in Brief

Module 1    Introduction to Strength and Conditioning  

FS202: Strength and Conditioning A – Strength and Speed

FS102: Risk management 

Module 2     Introduction to Evidence Based Nutrition 

NUT401: Nutrition for Exercise and Body Composition Change 

FS301: Apply Research Findings into Professional Practice 

Module 3     Applied Fitness Science A

FS501: Foundations of Simulated Altitude Training

FS401: Strength and Conditioning B - Power and Conditioning   

Module 4     Integrative Performance Science 

FS502: Fitness Supplementation

FS702: Strength and Conditioning C – Advanced Strength and Conditioning Techniques

Module 5     Applied Fitness Science B 

FS601: Apply Exercise Rehabilitation for upper and lower limbs

FS602: Advanced Simulated Altitude Training 

Download the full curriculum

The science of exercise for health, fitness and sports performance whereby fitness refers to attributes and capabilities that relate to the capacity to perform exercise or sport and are associated with compromised health states and clinical populations presenting a low risk of premature development of hypokinetic diseases. 

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