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A Certified Body Composition Specialist   


A Body Composition Specialist is an expert in applying science and evidence-based practice to achieve body composition change above that of a personal trainer, Fitness Scientist or Sports Scientist.

Graduates gain specialised skills and knowledge to provide advice and plans to clients to achieve body composition change though the following modalities;

  1. Nutrition relating only to body composition change

  2. Fitness relating only to body composition change

  3. Supplementation relating only to body composition change and is recognised the best available evidence and by international bodies as being safe.

  4. Basic Psychology to coach clients through body composition change 



Possible career opportunities include, but are not limited to:


As a graduate of the Diploma of Nutritional therapy there are a number of career opportunities in the health and wellness industry available to you, including:

  • Specialist personal trainer in body composition

  • Body Composition Specialist

  • Integrative Health Coach  




Progressing through the course

This course is self-paced and completed via distance learning through a series of webinars, course readings and log book practical tasks. On average this course will take candidates 50 hours to complete.




The Body Composition Certification course is designed for fitness professionals, Nutritional therapist and strength and conditioning coaches who seek specialist training and certification in body composition change. Industry standards and education on body composition change through the integration of Exercise Science, Nutrition and Supplementation virtually non-existent to date with personal training courses unable to teach effective body composition change due to the restrictions in scope of practice, therefore specialist training beyond simply eating well and being physically active is essential.  This certification course will provide the advanced but essential skills and knowledge to plan and implement body composition programs for long term success, whether that be to just increase muscle size, decrease body fat or both!

BCS001 Body Composition Specialist Certification 

Course code



Approx 50 hours  over  max 12  months

Delivery Method

Online/Correspondance & F2F workshops



Course Structure: BCS001 Body Composition Specialist Certification Online

Contents in Brief

Module 1    Foundations of Human Science   

BCS101: Applied Anatomy and physiology 

BCS102: Risk management 

Module 2     Exercise Science   

BCS201: Advanced Programming (Hypertrophy and Fat loss) 

BCS202: Long Term Programming and Periodisation    

Module 3     Nutritional Science   

BCS301: Nutrition for Body Composition Change 

BCS302: Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplementation  

Module 4     Professional Practice   

BCS401: Psychology of Body Composition Change and Counselling  

Download the full curriculum

Certified Body Composition Specialist are professionals who apply the science of body composition change through exercise prescription, nutritional science and supplementation. The scope of practice of a Body Composition Specialist only relates working with health individuals and not with individuals of compromised health states or clinical populations. Graduates are edible for certification and can seek insurance cover from Aon Insurance through IICT.

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