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Our platinum package is provided by BodyWell Institute director, Dane Ivicevic. Dane takes an individualised and holistic approach to your preparation. Our programs are unique in that we don’t just provide a stand-alone diet and training program. Rather, we take a holistic approach and consider all variables in designing a program that ensures you get the results you want!


We take all aspects of your health into consideration. Our programs not only improve body composition and metabolism but they reduce the occurrence of inflammation and fatigue. Many programs result in one having to sacrifice their training in order to support the prescribed diet. Our approach recognises that you need to be functioning at 110% so it is essential that your nutrient requirements are mapped around maximising your training capacity.


This package includes:

  • A comprehensive consultation which will cover current and past physical, nutritional and nutraceutical history as well as a review of body composition.

  • A comprehensive analysis of current training and nutrition, whilst quantitatively comparing and identifying deficiencies, toxicity, health risks and hormonal imbalances.

  • An individualised and detailed program covering nutrient timing, training balance with nutrients, dietary recipes to achieve desired body composition and a 24hr nutraceutical/ supplement plan to restore, re-balance and maximise hormonal profile.

  • Individualised and periodised pre-contest metabolic training programs to work synergistically with the diet.

  • Frequent body composition re-evaluation and adjustments to continually maximise results. 

  • An individualised program leading up to the competition/deadline, incorporating how to drop subcutaneous water for the dry appearance and maximise muscle fullness.

  • Comprehensive guide on what to do the days before, the night before and on the day of the event.

  • 3 week review of progress, including body composition, diet, training and health management.

  • Package also includes a comprehensive post-comp recovery plan!


Please note the minimum cut-off for this package is 16 weeks out from competition. 


Note: Posing practice, routines, make up, tanning and all other extra contest requirements are not included.


BodyWell Institute are leaders in body composition programming. Whether your goal is to increase lean muscle mass whilst losing body fat for a show, or you're preparing for a sports event or just that special occasion you have coming up, we will equip you with the tools to get there! What's more, we are right there by your side helping you achieve your goals!


We can tailor all packages to suit your individual needs, contact us if you have any quieries.

Competition & Event Preparation 

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