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The Certificate of Amino Acid Supplementation course takes things a step further than the sports supplementation course by taking an in-depth look at amino acids specifically. 


We will be exploring how each of the amino acids work and what the research says. We will look at how and if they interact with drugs, herbs and other supplements. We will explore the dosage and protocols used in research, what they work well with and not so well with, and who they work in and who they don’t work in. Furthermore, we will be exploring supplements in more detail and when they may not work. 













Course Structure: SUP002 Amino Acid Supplementation Course Online


Module 1: Amino Acid Structure and Function

This module introduces the basic biochemistry behind amino acids and how they are all different from one another. This will provide the building blocks to the course and enable you to easily identify amino acid subtypes and their physiological effects.


Module 2: Brain Support and Nootropics

Within this module you will learn about nutraceutical supplements, which are responsible for enhancing one or more aspects of mental function and neurological health. This is perfect for those who have always wondered what supplements can be used to enhance mental focus, reduce the risk of neurological disease and enhance working memory under stress.


Module 3: Amino Acids and Exercise Physiology

This module explores how amino acids can exert a profound effect on the human body during exercise with a specific focus on strength and conditioning. You will learn strategies to help you identify when specific amino acids can enhance physical conditioning and how they can be applied within a supplementation program. Additionally, this module explores the difference between essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and how they can be used to effectively enhance physiology around exercise.


Module 4: Hormonal Support and Optimization

Within this module you will learn how amino acid compounds can manipulate hormones and optimise fat loss or muscle gain. You will also learn specific protocols to effectively optimise hormones and why the majority of supplements taken are either wrong or taken incorrectly. Hormones explored within this module are catecholamine’s, growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin, testosterone and cortisol.


Module 5: Digestive Function and Supplementation

This module teaches you what compounds can boost gastrointestinal function and immunity and how they can be effectively applied within your practice. A range of clinical problems are explored here as well as their applications and relevance to exercising individuals.


Module 6: Fatigue and Metabolic acidosis

Here you will learn the toxic effects of metabolic acidosis and how this metabolic response can significantly impact performance and induce fatigue. This module explores strategies to combat fatigue and shift metabolism to favour prolonged and enhanced performance. Additionally this module will explore the fine balance between cellular pH balance and what supplements favour optimal metabolic balance to enhance performance.


Module 7: Tissue Support and Recovery

You will explore a range of nutritional compound’s and amino acids, which are involved in tissue repair and support. Here you will gain skills to effectively distinguish between the efficacy of supplements used to support joint health, tendon repair and reduce inflammation.


Module 8: Immune Support

This module covers basic concepts in immunology and how nutritional medicine can regulate and alter immune function. This module focuses on how these principles apply to exercising individuals and elite athletes whilst exploring supplementation protocols used to support immune function.


Module 9: Supplementation in Practice

This module integrates concepts learnt from previous modules and applies them into a practice, case based scenario. This will cover how and when supplementation can be effectively used in practice. It also covers nutrient timing, how to design effective supplementation programs for individuals of different training experience.


Module 10: Nutrient - Drug Interactions

This module explores the complex interactions that supplementation can have with commonly prescribed medicines and herbs. You will learn how to identify which supplements interact with other medicines and what risks are associated with their use. 


Bonus Material

This course will also provide you with a research CD containing tones of studies and articles examining the efficacy and use of the supplements covered within the course. This will provide you extra reading to enhance your knowledge and a fantastic reference for supplementation topics that extend beyond the course materials.

Certificate of Amino Acid Supplementation 

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$399 per person ~ includes all course materials.

Course payments paid in advance of course date.

Limited places available ~ spots secured only with confirmed course payment 


Payment can be made via Paypal or Direct Credit into our account. Enrol online today!


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