BodyWell Institute is an Australian-based body composition consultancy and an elite educational provider. Our focus is on providing leading professional development education for health and fitness professionals. All of our courses provide evidence-based, practical and non-biased training to those eager to expand their knowledge in a range of health related areas, such as;


  • Advanced supplementation,

  • Human nutrition,

  • Body composition change,

  • Functional hypertrophy, and 

  • Immunology and endocrinology.


Anyone can entertain a client in the gym for a few sessions, but what the industry really lacks are professionals who can deliever results for clients long term. In order to be able to do this, to establish yourself and have a successful fitness career, one must be able to effectively specialise in some of these areas.


Our aim is to provide evidence-based information which can be applied practically to the diverse range of clients within the health industry. Based on our teams' diverse range of expertise, our innovative courses are practical, scientifically-validated and include easy to understand content. What's more, our courses are completely online meaning you can study on your terms!


The driving force behind BodyWell Institute is founder, Dane Ivicevic, who created BodyWell Institute with a vision to not only utilise his knowledge to educate others, but to fill the gaps that exist in the industry around education. It is Danes impressive suite of qualifications that really place BodyWell Institute in a league of its own. We pride ourselves on our credentials, along with our many years of experience in the industry.


We also provide specialised services for body composition and health management, including competition or event preparation, training programs and specialised nutrition and wellness plans. Our team are committed to consistently delivering superior services by creating training, nutrition and lifestyle programs that are individual to each client and their body types. Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there! 



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